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UvMed : Sun and jellyfish Sting Protection


The Uvmed innovating sun cream protection was scientifically developed to help protect against the stinging of most jellyfish.


UvMed’s unique formula provides:

  • UVA and UVB protection and waterproof
  • Sting jellyfish protection
  • Easy application and quick absorbing effects without leaving a greasy residue.
  • Available in factor SPF15 and SPF 30.

Product details

UVA and UVB protection from the sun's damaging rays is given by quality sunscreens. This waterproof formula protects your skin from UVA radiation responsible for skin aging and UVB radiation that causes sunburn.


Jellyfish protection is given by several components :

  • Silicone component prevents the gelatinous jellyfish body stick to your skin.
  • Glycoaminoglycons organic component neutralizes the stinging mechanism of most jelly fish and other similar sea creatures.


UvMed give you a jellyfish protection. While we don't recommend that you go out into infested waters this product will definitely help when you run into these unpleasant creatures.


Crme uvmed - protection solaire - rpulsif anti-meduse